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Lavaudio DS600 HiFi DAC &Headphone Amplifier

by zhanghuiqiang 24 Dec 2020 0 Comments
Lavaudio DS600 HiFi DAC Decoder, Amplifier Headphone 3.5mm Out/ RCA Out XMOS DSD512 768K/32bit, LDAC Bluetooth 5.0, Preamp Audio DAC Converter USB in for PC, Coaxial/Optical in for CD Player, Stereo.
  • [HiFi Audio DAC] Lavaudio DS600 is a HiFi DSD DAC for home stereo,office,desktop use, which upgrades your old audio devices with incredible HiFi music. The HiFi DAC support USB/Bluetooth/Coaxial/Optical input and 3.5mm headphone/RCA output.
  • [2*ES9038Q2M +BUF634*2] Lavaudio DS600 USB DAC uses 2*ES9038Q2M chips, with unprecedented dynamic range and ultra-low distortion. THD+N as low as 0.00012% and SNR greater than 126dB, making DS600 DAC provides HiFi sound and better high frequency extension. Upgraded Lavaudio DS600 HiFi DAC added two current amplifier chips of BUF634, now you have more ability to drive your headphones(16-150 Ω).
  • [PCM 32Bit/768Khz & DSD512] The XMOS XU208 gives DS600 Bluetooth USB audio DAC excellent decoding ability, USB input supports DSD64-DSD512 and PCM 16Bit/44.1KHz-32Bit/768kHz. The powerful decoding ability is far more than CD and SACD, retaining more abundant music details, restores better sound, bring you the sound of touching soul.
  • [XMOS XU208 & Customized Driver] The HiFi stereo DAC uses second generation of XMOS XU208 USB receiver chip, equipped with driver customized by German Thesycon, can provide better support for DSD native, and brings a warm, delicate, emotional sound with clear details and full of dynamics.
  • [HiFi Lossless Sound] Lavaudio DS600 DAC can be used as Bluetooth receiver, supporting LDAC and APTX-HD in Bluetooth mode. Reach up to 32bit/768KHz in USB input mode. Powerful decoding ability ensures HiFi and lossless DSD music experience. Specially designed for audiophilese.
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